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Nice-Touch was created thanks to the progressive thinking of Andrea, a young businessman who grew up in the family’s embroidery workshop, established by his parents in 1982.

From precious bottles wrapped in fine fabrics to perfect engravings on paper that create an infinite possibility of patterns. As our ideas begin their journey, each one takes with it a message, to those places where the mind can roam free. From here our dreams take shape.

Piazza San Marco - Venezia


Carol is the daughter of an important ship owner with a passion for Italy. In 2011, Carol’s family moored their yacht in Venice. Waiting for them in Lido was Nicolò, a Venetian boy with a funny English accent, who was to play tour guide to Carol and her mum Brigitte, an elegant lady of French origin. Carol and Nicolò spent a lot of time together and a secret understanding began to develop, made easier by the fact the Carol’s mother, who was quite opposed to their friendship, couldn’t speak a word of Italian. It would soon be Saint Lawrence’s Day. In actual fact, the 10th of August was just a week away.

For a while now Nicolò had been looking for an excuse to invite the lovely Carol out to dinner, and St. Lawrence’s Day seemed like the ideal opportunity. He wanted a meal that would be out of the ordinary. He found the delightful “Roby’s Wine Bar” a modern and welcoming place, a space created with a new concept of “wine tasting”. Nicolò really wanted Carol to have an evening she would never forget. He wanted more than just a precious trinket made from Murano glass and so, after having spoken with Roby he decided to commission an exclusive piece, something never seen before.
Together they went to a dressmaker’s shop that specialised in making jackets from precious Venetian velvet, and with the help of Diana, a young designer from Milan who was actually writing her university thesis on the origins of velvet, they designed a bottle to be used to celebrate Carol and Nicolò’s very first date. Nicolò wanted to write a phrase on the bottle, the same that Carol had tattooed on her left shoulder: “one day a kiss will make me immortal”. In the euphoria of the atelier’s studio it all seemed so simple and easy to achieve, but Diana’s rough sketch was not so easy and practical to apply, and with the tools she normally used the legendary dressmaker, from the most famous workshop in Venice, couldn’t make the fine velvet adhere to the bottle, besides, there was another issue that they hadn’t considered: the ice bucket would ruin the precious fabric and the writing. Maria, the wonderful dressmaker who was also known for her persistence and perfectionism, remembered Andrea. A young man in his early twenties who had popped into her workshop to tell her about his family’s business, an embroidery workshop that had been in operation since 1982 and had a passion for innovation, and to which she hadn’t paid much attention. She decided to contact the young man and ask him for an urgent appointment.
Andrea didn’t fully understand what the job was about but set off for Venice without hesitation, and once he got there he enthusiastically accepted the challenge. He came back with the bottle, the precious fabric, in the same colour as the lagoon, and the phrase written on a scrap of lined paper. In his workshop, together with his father, he began to study and experiment to find a solution. The solution came out of the blue. Nicolò’s bottle for Carol was finally ready. It was perfectly covered in the lagoon-coloured fabric, the carefully embroidered phrase, touched here and there by a cascade of exquisite pinpoints of light, almost as if to symbolise that long-awaited night of St. Lawrence and, most importantly of all, the ice bucket would not ruin the precious velvet, nor the phrase embroidered with golden threads: the bottle, like the most precious seabed, held a secret: a membrane had been included between the glass and the fabric which would keep the wine at just the right temperature.
The night of St. Lawrence soon came around and all those who had taken part in making Nicolò’s dream come true waited in trepidation for news. On the 11th of August Andrea received a text message “Nice Touch thanks for everything. I’m leaving for London with Carol on the 15th of August. See you soon”.